We believe in being your own medicine. Your authenticity is the cure for your suffering. 

We see neurodivergence (a way of being that prioritizes the feeling and sensing realm) as the cure for disease and disorder. We equally value the realms of quality attention and spiritual connection. 

We are committed to building  communities of thriving UNIVERSALLY FUNCTIONAL individuals according to our fresh standards of far-reaching thorough compassion and potently bold equality. 

We aim for every aspect of our work to be arrow-like pointing at precise meeting grounds for intensely understanding one's self, relationships, and creative work. 

ft. Kelsey Jean Marie

💥💥💥 I work with amazing people to harness world-altering empowerment through a deep exploration of individual--collective sacred geometry and natural--circular lifestyle...

... with the humdinger of Existential Kink to top it off... unveiling the unconscious pleasures in people... 
... rapid shadow integration, radical compassion - perverse emotional intelligence.

I am a Kundalini Gold Reiki Master and I aim to use my skills to foster deep believing... in the accessibility of manifesting one’s heart’s desires - - through expansive self-acknowledgment and ever-evolving self-worth.
I am a big fan of many modalities and I am always adding to my vast toolkit of brief but transformative practices and principles. 


I seek to support those who massively ache to be embodied.

It is my humble yet fierce belief that stress/tension/disease/disorder in the individual, in the home, and in the world, can be navigated with a relieving amount of efficiency and effectiveness.

In 2017, I received a Cultivate Research & Creation Grant from the Canada Council of the Arts, which I used to explore and perform the concept of “Safe Space”. I  navigate with non-judgment and studied NVC on numerous occasions with Rachelle Lamb. My central project - LoOPHoLES - ultimately led into the development of DCFO over the past three years.
I find genuinely OPEN environments are hard to come by and yet I truly see the creation and maintenance of such as a necessity and a responsibility.

We must begin at home. (And more specifically with the home inside ourselves).

Life, like our individual unique make-ups - or our astrology charts/personal sacred geometry - is a huge conglomeration of contradictory characteristics and sensations.
How can we navigate to the heart of it all? - - -
Introspective Intuitive Inquiry.

In business, my commitment is to continually grow and evolve in offering content and programs fostering soulful self-mastery, inspired interdependence, & copacetic co-parenting.
My most tender intention is to support families in finding their special synergy - where the whole unit is functioning at a high vibration that amplifies the vibe of each member.
I believe I came into the world able to see the net between us whereby the energy exchange occurs (and I almost always win at board games).
I see the strong potential for and I believe in WIN-WIN REALITY.

I know from intense neurodivergent personal experience how tricky it can be to navigate towards harmonious reality with self and the bombarding abuses of our history.
Finding mediums of relief and points of impact for accelerated growth and joyous group prosperity - this is my dream.


yours in creative dynamic tension,